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Waste management rules threaten to derail Indonesia mine takeover

Posted by On 5:50 AM

Waste management rules threaten to derail Indonesia mine takeover

Mongabay Series: Jokowi Commitments

Waste management rules threaten to derail Indonesia mine takeover by Basten Gokkon on 6 June 2018

Special series

Conservation in madagascar

  • Madagascar court upholds sentence for environmental activist
  • Lessons for developing countries in expansion of Madagascar’s protected area network
  • ‘Rainbow’ chameleon among three n ew species described from Madagascar
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Indonesias forest guardians

  • Papuan chef Charles Toto serves up sustainability and environmental protection in a platter
  • In eastern Indonesia, a forest tribe pushes back against miners and loggers
  • Faith in the forest helps Indonesia’s Dayaks keep plantations, loggers at bay
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Conservation effectiveness

  • Conservation Effectiveness series sparks action, dialogue
  • Response to critique on Conservation Effectiveness series (commentary)
  • Seek higher standards to honestly assess conservation effectiveness (commentary)
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Southeast asian infrastructure

  • Roads might pose even bigger threat to Southeast Asian forests, biodiversity than previously understood
  • Natural gas project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in ‘worse state’: report
  • Sumatran habitat for tigers, orangutans gets a partial reprieve from development
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Amazon infrastructure
  • Raid fails to stop gold mining, death threats on Amazon’s Tropas River
  • Dutch support soy transport mega-project, posing major risk to Amazon
  • Attack of the turtles: ruralists assault environmental laws, Amazon
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Asian rhinos

  • Geneticists: It’s time to mix the Sumatran rhino subspecies
  • Mining, erosion threaten Indian rhino haven
  • Guardians of India’s rhinos find it takes a village to fight poachers
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Indonesian fisheries

  • Indonesia targets illegal fishing vessel owners under new bill
  • Scientists highlight 9 potentially new reef fish species off West Papua
  • Indonesia’s crackdown on illegal fishing is paying off, study finds
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Global environmental impacts of u s policy

  • UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US
  • China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth, but at what cost?
  • A wish list for an environmentally friendly NAFTA
Global environmental impacts of u s policy More articlesSource: Google News | Liputan 24 English

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